Thursday, March 5, 2009

To The Coupon Clubbers

Those who are involved in the Coupon Club know that we have a lot of opportunities to give. If you would like to donate or get involved with the Coupon Club, let me know! Here are some ways you can donate for this months coupon get together:

  • Kelly will take your dog/cat food and supplies to donate to the local dog shelter.
  • Abbie is involved with the local pregnancy center. Basic toiletries and baby supplies would be greatly appreciated.
  • Ginger collects the Education box tops and Campbell Soup Labels. Bring yours!
  • I'll take your expired coupons and send them over seas.
  • Keldy is working on getting together 100 BOXES to send to Operation Christmas Child 2009. Here are some things you can collect for that:
Toys: small cars, balls, dolls, stuffed animals, kazoos, harmonicas, yo-yos, jump
ropes, small Etch A Sketch, toys that light up or make noise (with extra
batteries), Slinky, etc.

School Supplies: pens, pencils and sharpener, crayons or markers, stamps
and ink pad sets, writing pads or paper, solar calculators, coloring and coloring
picture books, etc.

Hygiene Items: toothbrush, toothpaste, mild bar soap (in plastic bag), comb,
washcloth, etc.

Other: hard candy and lollipops (please double bag all candy), mints, gum,
t-shirts, socks, ball caps, sunglasses, hair clips, toy jewelry, watches, flashlights
(with extra batteries)

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