Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Few Favorites For Now....

I have been very busy this week planning for my vacation and it's finally here! I'm flying to Arkansas to see my best friend for a week in a half!!

This also means, that I'm unsure at this point how often I will be posting. Those of you who are enjoying the Get It For Free post, thanks(!), and it will probably not be posted until Monday.

For now, I leave you with a few favorite finds...

Use this coupon to get either $15/$30 or $30/$75 your total purchase at Express.

Use this $5/$25 coupon at Walgreens 7/16 and 7/19!

Go get a Sonic Chiller for $0.99 by signing up here.

FREE after rebates at Ace Hardware Stores:
  • Automative Cleaners: $3.49
  • Biodegradable Car Wash: $3.99
  • Caulk: $2.99
  • Organic Automatic Glass Cleaner: $1.99

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