Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Frugal Experiment: All-Purpose Cleaner

A little vinegar and borax can go a long way! I finished up a particular 'toxic' cleaner I bought at the store a while back. I kept the bottle, poured in the new ingredients, and it works great! I use it for everything. I even used it to clean up a little red paint that was spilled on my beige carpet! Also, some pink Sunny D was spilled on the carpet as well. This too came up very well.

Keep in mind I used this as soon as the spill happened. It does take a little elbow grease on other surfaces or stains/crustations.

Anyway, it's all natural and does what I need it to do for now. Here's the recipe if you are interested!

2 Teaspoons Borax
4 Tablespoons Vinegar
32 ounces of water

1 comment:

Angie.. said...

I bought alot of cheap lysol a few months back that i wanna use up but i dont think i will be purchaseing anymore. I wanna try something else thats better for my family and pets. I do clean my floors with vinegar and it works Great!


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