Friday, August 21, 2009

I Only Go To The Mall For Free Stuff

Ever go to Ann Taylor? If you don't you should tomorrow with this coupon. It's a $20 off a full price purchase of at least $20. You should be able to get out of there with some free or close to free!

Here are some other things I got at the mall for FREE just this week, maybe you could benefit as well:

Aerie: Every month they give out a free gift. You can only get them on Thursday so plan accordingly. Additionally, if is your birthday month you can get yet another free gift. This week I received a small backpack and since it is my b-day month I got to choose a lip gloss color!

Victoria Secret: I bought something back in December for super cheap and ever since then, they occasionally send me a coupon from free panties.

Or, right now, you can print off this coupon and receive a 1 ounce VS Pink Body Lotion.

Aveda: They sent me a birthday coupon for a free body wash or perfume spray. Sign up with them and maybe you can receive this as well on your birthday.

Or, right now, you can print off this coupon and receive a three piece sample pack of Smooth Infusion Shampoo, Conditioner, and Style Prep Smoother

JCPenny: The $10/$10 promotion is over now, but they are worth signing up on their mailing list. They also have great clearances and coupons. I used that $10/$10 coupon and picked up a couple of shirts for only $2.00.

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