Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Newspaper Deal for the Locals

While I was shopping at Kroger to get my 80% Savings, there was a nice man trying to sell some newspaper subscriptions to the Harold-Leader. My husband and I are not big news paper readers but if you are, here was the deal:

To get the paper delivered all week you pay $14.00 a month (down from the regular $16.00/month) and you get a $15.00 Kroger gift card.

To get the paper delivered Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday you pay $12.00 (down from the regular $14.00/month) and you get a $10.00 Kroger gift card.

I don't know if this is going on at all the Kroger's today or just this particular one that I visited. If you are interested, leave a comment with your contact information and I will give you the location ASAP.


*K. Grace said...

I met that nice man too. We were only interested in having the Sunday paper delivered. It would have cost us $8.68 and no gift card. That's .68 MORE cents than just picking it up from the gas station every week. Not a good deal for us. :(
~ kelly

Rachel B. said...

I know!! I asked about that too, and was very confused that it would be more than buying it yourself. I guess your paying for the convenience. (hey everyone, that $0.68/month adds up - and that $0.68 can go alooong way around here!) :)


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