Thursday, November 6, 2008

Walmart Deal

Goody's Ouchless Elastic Hair Bands = $1.48
Green Giant Steamers = $1.00
Viva Paper Towels = $1.00

$2.00 off any Goody's Ouchless product. Get it here.
$1.00 off Green Giant Steamers. Get it here.
$0.50 off 1 roll of Viva Paper Towels (?)

OOP: $0.13


Update: My mistake! The Goody's Ouchless coupon says valid only for Goody Ouchless products with retail price of $2.00 and higher


DC said...

jerk face... I have to RETURN some CRAP cause I cant read and here you practically GET PAID to stand in line behind me!!! AHHHH!!

Rachel B. said...

Hey!! Just keep saying to yourself, "cheap entertainment, cheap entertainment".


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