Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great CVS Shopping - Revised


Today I went to CVS and did my best deal ever. I also ran into my friends Keldy and Beth who also did AMAZING deals as well. Special thanks to Keldy for sharing some great coupons and Happy Birthday to Beth! Update: I realized I did my math wrong! This post has been revised to show the correct savings.

Hold on, here we go...

Transaction #1
(2) Autumn Mix Branch Candy Corn $1.29
32 oz. Powerade $1.69

No coupons, but I bought the candy for a particular function I am involved in, and I will get reimbursed for it.

OOP after reimbursement: $1.95
ECB's Earned: $4.27

Transaction #2
Just For Men Hair Dye $7.99

$2 off Just For Men

Try Me for Free

ECB's Used: $4.27 from previous transaction

OOP:$1.94 (I actually MAKE $7.99!)

ECB's Earned: $7.99

Transaction #3
(4) Johnson's baby powder $2.99 each
(4) Johnson's baby lotion $2.99 each
(1) Johnson's baby wash $2.99

(3) $5 off wyb 3

ECB's Used: $7.99 from previous transaction

OOP: $5.06
ECB's Earned: $10.00

Transaction #4
Reeses Pieces $0.50
2 Pk. Gum Crayola Toothbrushes $3.99
Funlight $0.99
(3) 3 pk. CVS papertowels $1.99 each
Nursery Water $1.79

(3) $1 off CVS papertowels (from the Magic Machine)

ECB's Used: $10 from previous transaction

OOP: $0.24
Earned: $4.98

Transaction #5
Colgate Max Fresh $2.99
Funlight $0.99
CVS Vitamin D $2.99

ECB's Used: $4.98

OOP: $2.11
Earned: $5.98

OOP for all FIVE transactions (after rebates, reimbursements, and coupons): $3.30! That's over $75 worth of products!! (and I have $6 in ECB's to spend next week)

p.s. I plan on going to Rite Aid and and getting the Tema Underwear for free after rebate and I have a $2 coupon. So... I make $2 that goes back into my bank account which could make my OOP go down to $1.36!


snydersatseminary said...

you go girl! thanks so much for getting us going on this most frugal journey!

Polly said...

So, I have a question about the $5.00 off 3 coupon you linked too. Someone saved it as a pdf and linked to it for others to download. Does that constitute coupon transfer? Were the coupons free for anyone to access or were they received through paid subscription? Do you know?


Rachel B. said...

Unfortunately I couldn't tell you. I ran into my friend while I was shopping at CVS and she had extras and passed them along to me. Anyone else know?

DC said...

I found them in 3 different places but all on blogs/sites! Im assuming becasue 3 different people had it posted on blogs/sites that is has to be okay! But thats just my best guess!


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