Sunday, December 14, 2008

Coupon Club, Part 3

Thanks to Charley, Kelly, Jenny, and Brittany for coming out to the coupon club this afternoon. Lots of coupons and ideas were traded. Thanks Brittany for joining us for the first time, we hope you weren't too overwhelmed (don't worry you will get the hang of it)!

This month the club highlighted The Lighthouse Ministries. Here is their mission statement:

The Lighthouse Ministries, Inc.
is a non-profit corporation serving men, women, and children of Kentucky with a three-fold ministry designed to meet the practical and spiritual needs of those in crisis situations, resulting in “changed lives for a lifetime”.

Above you see a picture of some of the items (thanks Kelly G.!) we will be able to donate to this life changing organization. Click on the link to find to find out how you can help with The Lighthouse House Ministries.

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