Friday, December 19, 2008

FREE Energizer Recharchable Charger

This is great thing to get for free!

Here is how to do it:

  • Go to Walgreen's and purchase it for $7.99 (using the $1/1 or $0.75/1 coupon (SS 12/14) if you have it.)
  • Get onto the Walgreen's website and register so that you can plug in your receipt and get a $5.00 rebate.
  • Click on this link to get a $5.00 rebate back from the manufacturer.
  • This deal pays for your tax and stamp!
  • You have until tomorrow for the $7.99 deal. But if you miss out, the regular price is $9.99 and these rebates would still make this a great deal.
  • The Walgreens rebate is good until 12/27 and the Energizer manufacturer rebate is good until 3/1/09

Thanks Common Sense With Money!

1 comment:

Tricia Jamison said...

hi....i'm commenting here b/c i didn't see your email address anywhere on the blog. i found your blog a couple of weeks ago, and just now read your "beginnings' post....i swear, i am your long lost sister or something! before you think i am crazy...i'll explain:) i am from manchester, tn, about an hour SE of nashville, (graduated from lipscomb) my husband and i are currently in china (for his PhD research), i, too, am amazed at the wonderful job the cleaning lady does on our apt, and i, too, have been spending the past few months reading, bookmarking, and making notes on blogs and websites, all set to put frugal living, "greener living" , etc, into action when we return take this year of "forced simplicity" and run with it to break old habits. so, just wanted to share that and say that i've bookmarked you and will keep up with your ideas!



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