Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm Back!

Well, I have been with out a computer for a few no deal posting. That's ok though, my husband and I had a very nice time visiting family and just having an overall relaxing Christmas. But now, this week is crazy busy! I still have packages to mail, luggage and gifts to unpack, job transitioning, paperwork to sift through, and I should probably sleep sometime too. I will be posting this week, but I can't say how often. But by this weekend I should be back on my schedule and be able share exciting deals with you on a regular basis.

Also, stay tuned, as I launch our plan to include new frugal experiments to the blog. These will include anything from being frugal with your time to reusing household items to alternate shopping ideas. And don't worry, I will continue to post regular deals that include coupons, rebates, drugstores, etc, etc. For my original post on this idea click here.

Thank you to all my readers and those that leave comments. It means a lot and I look forward to receiving your feedback as my husband and I continue to tackle all sorts of frugal ideas!

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