Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Experiment Continues...

I am a little bit behind in my blogging , but I will continue to try to post at least one thing per day.

I wanted to share with you what there is to come with this blog. If you have read my first post or even the short description under my 'about me' page, you will see that there is more to this experiment than just shopping at drugstores. Not to worry though, I will continue to post all these great deals that I find, because I know they are helpful and fun!

I have quite a compilation of frugal, giving, green, and other projects in process at the moment. I have chosen to take this month to get that organized so that I can share some of those things with you starting in January.

These things will include giving resources, recycling, sewing projects, composting, gardening, making your own cleaners, getting stains out of clothing with things around your home, kitchen tricks, and much more.

As my title suggests, I will be experimenting with many of these things for the first time, so it should be quite interesting. I will also be searching out for guest and interview posts, blog resources, local participation, and advice!

Stay tuned for a schedule of items to come. If you are interested in being apart of this project, contact me at:


*K. Grace said...

I love this idea - this is my kind of blog :) I wouldn't mind doing a guest post once in a great while. We have been experimenting with composting, a garden, making our own detergent & cleaners, and eco-friendly practices. I love being connected to other people who are trying out the same stuff. Thanks so much for all your insights & networking!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelly, I had you in mind actually to guest post, so I am glad you responded. I will let you know more details soon! Thanks!!


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