Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Discounts From A Local Business

Back a few weeks ago, there was a craft fair that I talked about here. That night, they had a fun event where your could go downtown and go in and out all of the shops. It was a chance to just look and see what downtown offers, get free food samples, and shop. While we were there went through Studio Creations that you see pictured above. We met Karen Hockensmith one of the hair dressers there, and she asked if we wanted to fill out our name to be entered in a chance to win a free haircut.

And....I WON!!

So I went down there today and had a very positive experience. It has a very homey feel and Karen was so sweet and really listened to what I was wanting with my hair. You can see photos posted below but they don't do it justice (I'm just not that good with photography)! She styled it and cut it just the way I wanted it!

But, my story doesn't end here... Karen also told me that seminary students and their whole family can get a 10% discount! And ... my husband can go to Studio Creations and get a haircut for only $10!

Wait! There's more. Karen makes Pure Skin Essentials. These are natural cosmetics that she mixes herself! She welcomes you to contact her to find out more information on this mineral cosmetic line at pureskinessentials@hotmail.com.

I hope I have swayed you to visit Karen or anyone at Studio Creations. It's worth checking out!

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Anonymous said...

I like your hair Rachie.

I like mineral makeup. I'll look at the website.


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