Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gifts in January

Yes, I am already talking about gifts again, even though we just had Christmas. But if you like getting organized, you might want to hold on to these ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, or even Valentine's Day, which is coming up verrry soon.

So...below check out some clearanced items you may find in January as well as a few gifts that are only $10 and under (for those picky types :)...

January Sales:
  • wrapping paper (check for plain colors so that you can use it all year long)
  • ornaments and other Christmas decor
  • lights (white lights are great for decorating for any party or just around the house)
  • cookie tins
  • candy
  • some dish towels and placemats
  • pajamas
  • slippers
  • robes
  • coats
  • winter boots

Gifts Under $10
These ideas are not meant to be CHEAP but CREATIVE. Consider your receiver when choosing a $10 gift.
  • Homemade breads, cookies, or other dishes with recipe included
  • Fill up a small basket of fruits, cookies, or some of that candy on sale after Christmas
  • A coffee cup with a bag of coffee inside
  • For a personal touch: A child's art work framed
  • A makeup tote (fill it up with those great sales/rebates you find on makeup or lotions)
  • Jelly with biscuit mix (it's all about the presentation)
  • A boardgame or puzzles
  • Nail polish with accompanying tools
  • Cute slippers
  • One pair of expensive socks ($10 socks have to be good)
  • Good soap or body wash with a loofah
  • A sewing kit
  • Small clock or radio
  • Baking pans with a bag of cookies and/or handwritten recipes
  • Muffin mix with pan
  • Movie theater gift certificates
  • Pancake mix with some specialty syrup (or some that you made)
  • Locally made sauces with basting brush or other kitchen tools
  • Magazines, chocolate bars, or cookie mixes tied together with a bow
  • A garden tool with seeds
  • A journal with a special inscription inside
  • Teacup with samples of tea inside
  • Deck of cards and book of card game rules
  • Cocoa mix in a pretty jar or mug
  • Nice pens and stationary

Do you have any additional ideas? Leave a comment and share!

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