Sunday, January 4, 2009

Share Food Program

What is it? It's called the Share Food Program and for $18 and 2 hours of community service you can get a box valued at $35-$40 full of meats, fruits, vegetables, and staples.

Who can participate? Anyone!

Where do I get it? Go here and here to find a host site in your area. Keep in mind that this program is very geographically limited and you may not find one in your state. Even if you don't find one in your state, be sure and contact friends and families that may be able to participate in this program.

How can I get involved? Go here to find out how to be a host site.

What kind of community service is involved? From what I understand pretty much anything you do from volunteering at a homeless shelter to cooking for your sick neighbor counts as community service.

You also can donate money to the program, volunteer to assist with events, and order online.

Click here and here for more information...

I am not as familiar with this program as I am with Angel Food Ministries. However, the website has a lot of great information and it sounds like a great program. If anyone has had any experience with this organization, I would love to hear from you at or you can leave a comment!

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