Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trade at Work

I travel with my work, so I don't really get to participate in this too much. But try having a trade shelf at your work. If you have any foods, coupons, samples, magazines, books, etc. that you don't use or want, bring them to work, set them on the 'trade shelf', and a co worker just may find something they want or need. And of course, vice may discover items of interest as well.

This is especially beneficial if you are an avid coupon collector because there are plenty out there who aren't interested in this obsession, I mean, uh hobby. They may not mind grabbing those coupons out of the Sunday paper every week and bringing them up to the office.

Has anyone else tried this with their co-workers?

1 comment:

Sarah said...

We do this twice a year, at our church. We called it "our Thrifty Christmas" It was a lot of fun, the had a whole gym full of stuff and almost all of it went home to a new family. We will do it again in the spring. I always look forward to it!


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