Saturday, January 24, 2009

Save On Printing

Here are few ways and places to save on ink:

  • Don't forget to always print in black ink if possible. Those color ink cartridges are more expensive and use up a lot of ink.

  • Even better - print in grayscale. Just a little lighter than black and doesn't use as much ink. I tried this last night and the quality is great!

  • Check Ebay or for cartridges, you may find them at your own price.

  • Charley H. reminded us to look at the store brands before automatically going to the brand names. They are the same thing!

  • Office Max used to give a $3 coupon when you gave them your old recycled cartridges. I went back last week and they don't do that anymore! Call around to a few of your local office stores and see if there are any incentives to recycling our cartridge.
  • Here are couple of other websites to find good deals on cartridges. Don't forget to go to, sign up, search for one of the ink websites listed below, purchase, and get a percentage back from your total cost.

At Walgreens this week:
Printer Cartridge Refill: Spend $5
$5 January Easy Saver Rebate (# 15)
FREE after rebate

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