Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Fun Deals

Hello Friends! The next two days I am going to be blogging like crazy to get caught up yet again. (one of these days I will be on a schedule again). So here we go!

Let's start when a few interesting deals from around the blogosphere!

Mcdonald's is doing it's fair share of trying to get your business. Monday - Friday from 2-5 get Buy One Get One FRee drinks! This includes drinks from Coke's to Cappuccinos. Click here for details. Thanks Coupons Cravings

Sign up here with Pop Tarts and receive free samples. You also can go on the site and get a $0.55 coupon. Thanks to Budget Helps

Try out Sam's Club for FREE. Allstate is offering this GUEST PASS that is good until March 31st. Thanks Free 2 Be Frugal

I haven't tried this yet, but over at Money Saving Methods, she tells you how to get (2) 14 piece summer dish sets and blanket for basically FREE!

Here are couple of coupons from FREE products: Country Bob's Sauce and a can of Mighty Dog. Thanks to Couponing 101

Go get a FREE sample of Natural Herbal Tea and go here to find out how to get a deal on 100 Mega Blocks for only $6.47! Thanks Little People Wealth

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