Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Recycle Your Electronics

Hewlitt Packard has a great recycling program for your computers, printers, cell phones, recharchable batteries and more. Check out this link for FAQ on the subject and this link for the recycling page.

Check the links here and here to learn about Apple's recycling program. When you buy a new computer from them, you can send them your computer (any brand) to be recycled. Or you can buy a prepaid shipping label to recycle your computer and its parts.

Google (or swagbuck) your particular brand of computer and find out if they have a recycling program.

Last year Goodwill handeled over 23 million pounds of computers - and it is very expensive for the company to have them recycled. So, before donating your computer there, I would look into the suggestions listed above. However, many Goodwill's are training their workers to fix some of these computers that they are receiving. Contact your local Goodwill to find out if their workers participate in this type of training. Read an article on this subject here.

Best Buy has a really amazing recycling program. They will recycle old appliances, televisions, cell phones, batteries, printer cartridges, computer and a/v equipment, and more! They also have recycling events all over the country, will give you a gift certificate for recycling gently used items, and gives out a $1500 recycling grants to communities. Click here for more information.

Radio Shack will recycle your rechargeable batteries and cell phones. Find more information here.

Verizon Wireless will take your used cell phones and recharchable batteries. They take the proceeds and use them to financially assist domestic abuse victims. Additionally, the refurbish some of the phones and give them as well as free air time to these victims. It's a great program, check it out here.


Mommycia said...

I always donate my phones to verizon. I have known people that benefited from them in the past. It is a great thing that they do for people that need all the help they can get. said...

Yeah, it's nice to know that these companies do these things. I wish they would advertise it more.


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